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08 Jan 2012 09:33 pm | Downtime / Upgrades [ 3 Comments ]

Hi All,

TWICE BITTEN will be offline this weekend while I perform some necessary upgrades to the site.

Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE: Co-author issues have been fixed. Site has been upgraded to eFiction 3.5.3. Please let me know via email if there are any further problems.

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Bah Humbug by LLN-RookattheDoor M
Vicki's bitten by the Grinch bug, and thanks to a certain Christmas scarab, manages to infect Henry, Coreen and Mike.  She spends to days before Christmas...
Remember by Hellz T
Something that popped into my head extremely recently and I ~had~ to write something... please enjoy
Let it come in. by writergrlfu12 T
"I didn’t tell her....She recognized me form a portrait of me from when I was fourteen." Henry said as he and Vicki walked into the building.
Valentine Memories by Henrysdesire M
A widow recieves a special gift from Henry

Random Story

Holy Child of Mine by LoyalRobyn M
Holy child of mine – Vicki is getting ready to have her baby and is making...

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